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“We had a $6,500 goal (at an event) and by the end of the day, we were at $15,000 and I don’t think it would’ve been quite as inspiring to people if we hadn’t had training in advance.”
– Barb, Cornerstone Housing for Women
“Two days after working with Steve, I spoke to a small group of about 70 people. Using just sone of the techniques that Steve taught me, I sold $21,000 right from the stage in only 20 minutes.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author, International Speaker

``Since I have met Jayne , I have increased my income by 15% in only three months. Further more, Jayne is helping me little by little, to get rid of old patterns that were stopping me from reaching my full potential.``

Alain Levasseur, Sun Life, Canada

``It is not that often we get to meet and work with people of pure positive energy, and that is exactly what you are! I am truly fortunate to have met you, and have the opportunity to learn from you. Not only did you share the secrets of your success, your ideas on focus, streamlining, administration, but most important, your ‘Yes can do’ attitude. You attack life with unbelievable enthusiasm that is totally infectious! Whether jumping on a plane on the drop of a dime to see a customer, across the world to see a supplier, or creating another new relationship, your energy is always astounding. I wholeheartedly would recommend you to any person or organization lucky enough to get your attention.``

Naomi Ronn, President, Domestic Converters

``I have come in contact with many coaches, teachers, mentors, and professors. Jayne Blumenthal possesses that rare gift to allow an individual to look into themselves for success. She has allowed me to realize that if I want to succeed or fail in business, it is in my control. Through EFT, she has helped me address many of the concerns that have stopped me from reaching my maximum potential in the past. I look forward to a lifetime of success with the techniques that Jayne has instilled in me. Thanks for all the success Jayne!``

Jonathan Schauss, MBA, PT, CSCS, Masters in Business Administration, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

“Within a single month of one-on-one coaching with Jayne, I created a structured system for both sales and fulfilment. In that first month, I quadrupled the previous month’s sales. The following month, I added another 25% to that, and have grown steadily ever since.”

Elena Barbera, Owner, Worthy Words Writing

``I started working with Jayne in January, by mid March not only had I booked more business than I had the entire previous year, but I booked two speaking engagements at the highest speaking fee of my career. None of this would have happened if Jayne hadn't helped me make changes to my belief systems. Thanks Jayne!``

Linda Edgecombe, CSP and Canadian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame

``Jayne has an instinctive ability to 'get' people — even people she is meeting for the first time. Her optimism and positive, hands-on approach to problem-solving is truly infectious. She listened carefully to what our staff was saying, and they appreciated and responded to her sincerity. She was able to help us effect true change, by confronting some of the preconceptions we all had and seeking out new, creative ways to face the day-to-day challenges of the work place. I would recommend Jayne to any team that aspires to growing and reaching new heights.``

Seth Dalfen, Gomberg Dalfen, S.E.N.C., www.gombergdalfen.ca

``I went through nearly a year of therapy and have taken several classes for personal growth and on letting go, and I can honestly say that I think I accomplished more in my 10 sessions with Jayne, than everything that I have done in the past. She is has an insight that I have never experienced before. If you have events in your life that are ``eating you alive`` from the inside out, I would strongly urge you to contact Jayne and start her program. You can get excited about life again and start living the way you were meant to live...free from anger, frustration and emotional pain.``

Janis Rounds, Cruise and Vacation Specialist, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers

``As I began working with Jayne she immediately helped me to make a huge decision and breaking down the paradigm that was holding me prisoner. That one decision changed my life completely and allowed my financial base to increase 3x the amount I thought I would have to be able to lose the panic about surviving every day to thriving in my speaking business. I now have clarity, direction and take action towards my goal in purposeful ways that stay on track to financial success and a wonderful positive impact on my relationships.``

Sharon Campbell Rayment, Professional Speaker

``My first keynote after working with Steve, I sold well into 5 figures from the stage. Now I always consult with Steve before a major speaking engagement.``

Lisa Larter, Social Media Strategist, Professional Speaker
``Jayne has a unique ability to tune into people's limiting beliefs that stand in the way of self-efficacy, business growth and profitability. Her initiative, personable and responsive style precipitates trust building and enables clients to get into action immediately. Jayne's direct and firm yet supportive and holistic. Within days of working with Jayne, not only had I changed how I thought about myself - prioritizing self care and family time - and my business - refining my my pricing, positioning and prospecting. Within three months, my speaking business had grown from being the smallest sales funnel to the largest, surpassing even my new targets set with Jayne 3 fold! The financial and time investment in Jayne's coaching and consulting has paid for itself within the first quarter!``

Sarah McVanel, MSc, PCC, CHRL, CSODP, Chief Recognition Officer, Greatness Magnified

``My business wouldn’t be where it is today if I had not worked with Jayne! Over the last couple of years, it’s become clear to me that every entrepreneur, business owner, in fact everyone has limiting beliefs that hold us back from becoming the best we can be. When I started working with Jayne, I was wallowing in self-doubt. I had no clear vision for my business and didn’t believe in my gift or my purpose. Jayne believed in my potential and helped me believe in my value! Today I am clear on my vision, my mission and I am ready to step up and ‘play big’. Jayne has helped me take my business from a few hundred dollars a month to five figures a month. I will always be grateful for your help Jayne.``

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur GPS, dianalidstone.com

``I was attracted to working with Jayne because of her spirit—so tranquil, energetic, and happy—qualities I admired and used to experience in myself. At that time, though, I usually felt angry, turbulent, and disturbed. Within six EFT sessions with Jayne, my feelings of turmoil and anger had diminished to the point that I could enjoy good times with my husband. After ten sessions the generalized and overwhelming sense of aggravation and irritation was gone. It has been replaced by happiness and calm, by the ability to experience irritation and move past it to handle the issues cooperatively. Our home is a much happier place and and that feeling is priceless!``

Kathy Pendleton, Professional Network Marketer


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