S&J Training Solutions is internationally recognized for its excellence in professional and personal development, delivering world-class expertise through engaging certification programs. S&J Training Solutions partners with both non-profits and private firms to create a culture of excellence and learning by coaching professionals in executive presentations, mindset mastery, and more, to help them emerge as leaders in their sector.

Two experts, two fields, one path.

When Steve and Jayne met, they aligned their career paths in professional speaking and mindset mastery to form a practical, effective, and engaging team that is now S&J Training Solutions.

Steve’s impressive reputation in the professional speaking field is owed to his cut-to-the-chase style and expertise in advanced presentation skills, team building, and personal branding and positioning. Equally as established, Jayne grew her own business from the ground up and is a recognized mindset and beliefs systems master and coach.

Both Steve and Jayne offered community-based and interactive programs in their field of expertise. But together, they could present the business world with an all-encompassing company, an all-encompassing team, and an all-encompassing training.

Fast forward and they are now a category of one, incomparable in their field.

S&J Training Solutions is recognized for its excellence in professional and personal development by delivering world-class expertise through engaging certification programs.

Partnering with both private firms and non-profits, the team has expanded its societal reach by helping organizations, executives, and everyone down the ladder, refine their communication, leadership and business skills – and better impact the people they serve.

With the S&J Training Solutions team, clients get high-quality coaching in personal and professional development, helping clients turn goals into reality and emerge as leaders in their sector.


Community-Based Learning

In our learning environment, you won’t find thick binders and heavy workbooks that’ll sit on your shelf for the rest of time. The S&J Strategy is purely interactive, community-based, and customized. We tailor our programs by interviewing participants, co-creating plans, and following up to ensure sustainable long-term results. All communities inherently have resources and assets that can enrich the learning experience.

We draw out those resources and assets by using:

  • Oral presentations
  • Exercises in content writing and storytelling
  • Personality profile assessments
  • Communication styles
  • Peer-to-peer assessments
  • Peer-to-peer strategy sessions

What Sets Us Apart

Our world-class customized programs nurture authenticity by developing the pre-existing knowledge, skills, creativity, and talents within individuals, groups, and entire organizations. We specialize in facilitating positive, community-based learning environments within organizations by interviewing participants, co-creating and customizing plans, and following-up for sustainable long-term results.

Groups can collectively choose from proven, tailored training and certification programs in professional executive presentation skills, growth mindset strategies, and other professional and personal development strategies.


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